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  • 24 GHZ FMCW FSK Doppler Car Radar Microwave Transceiver

    24 GHZ FMCW FSK Doppler Car Radar Microwave Transceiver

    This 24GHZ FMCW FSK Doppler Car Radar Microwave Transceiver radar is a highly sensitive sensor with in-phase and quadrature outputs. Built-in low-noise microwave amplifier (LNA) allows you allows to increase the level of the input signal, and small size makes it possible to integrate it into various types of devices for a multitude of applications, such as Traffic Supervision, Distance Calculation, and Movement Detection Systems.

    Our radar is an analog sensor, internally generating a 24Ghz signal; it can be modulated by signal delivered to V tune (pin 6) from Digital to Analog Converter, for example. To process received signals, you can use an Analog-digital Converter or a comparator, depending on what you will use the radar for. The Transceiver comes in a few different deviations(200-1000MHz) and two modes (Frequency Deviation ON/OFF). The internal (integrated) frequency divider (1:8192) is used to control radars frequency. For example if radars frequency is 24.25 Ghz from divider you are having 2.929 MHz meander. Dividers output have 3.3V digital logic levels. It should work with Arduino boards M0, ZERO, and  DUE; this, however, has not yet been tested. 

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  • Noise signal generator 80 – 12000 Hz

    Noise signal generator 80 – 12000 Hz

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    MDRGNF1 is a noise signal generator with frequency range of 80 – 12000 Hz where analog signal of specified power is delivered to terminal unit – speaker or another electro-acoustic converter.  The IC is intended for protection of technical equipment from information leakage through technical channels which can appear due to vibro-acoustic and acousto-electric fluctuations.

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