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  • September, 2019
  • December, 2018
  • November, 2018
    • Nov 5, 2018
      Introducing the brand new 250 series Electric Dirt Bike: this sleek new bike by Milandr Power Machines features fully electric braking with energy recovery, and can travel up to 125 miles on a single charge.
  • October, 2018
    • Oct 30, 2018
      We are excited to announce our new arrival of All-in-One sensors with PIR motion detection included. These new models differ from base models by adding PIR motion detection feature to the sensor. The Motion Detection Transducer contains dual sense PIR elements and is configured to sense human motion
    • Oct 24, 2018
      Our popular 24 GHZ FMCW FSK Doppler Car Radar Microwave Transceivers are now back in stock, in all new variants! Get yours today in 200, 480, 600, or 1000MHz versions, and with an additional 'Frequency divider On/Off Mode.
    • Oct 5, 2018
      Get your new 107 and 307 Smart Meter Bundles now! The bundle comes with everything you need to utilize our versatile (and FREE) configurator software!