Signal processing block
Vehicle safety control unit
This unit is a data collection unit which collects data simultaneously from two video cameras and three radars.The unit processes gathered data for analysis and for making a decision by the driver or system about the required actions. The unit performs functions of central control device as a part of the vehicle driver assistance system.
Power units
Charging unit
MCS-1T22-A is portable CHAdeMO DC charging device. The device allows the user to charge rapidly electric vehicle from three-phase AC network. Charging status can be monitored on the display of the charging station. The device is controlled by 32-bit microcontroller of “Milandr” production.
Synchronous motor PD 150-40-4
Synchronous motor is intended for use in the open air as traction engine for air crafts.
Li-Ion battery with control unit BL-600
Battery can be used as current source for air and ground transport vehicles, devices, as energy storage unit.
Controller KLI 150-3
Controller is used to power and control synchronous motor.
Heterogeneous PLC/RF modem
Heterogeneous communication module (PLC/RF modem) is designed to implement communication channels in data transmission systems via 220VAC networks and wireless data transmissionin 868MHz band.
Data acquisition and transmission device MILAN RF 04A
The apartment radio module is designed for offline and automated data acquisition from energy metering devices and emergency detection sensors with a pulse output.
UHF modules
Microwave transceiver M-LC6
M-LC6 is 24GHz high-sensitivity sensor designed for traffic control systems, dynamic lighting, speed and distance radars, motion sensors etc.

Microwave transceiver “Screen 24”
“Screen 24”is 24GHz high-sensitivity sensor with small pattern angle by azimuth, which is designed for traffic control systems, perimeter guard systems, speedradars and so on.
Microwave transceiver “View 24”
Transceiver “View 24” is high-sensitivity transceiver sensor with common-mode and quadrature outputs.  Embedded low-noise microwave amplifier (LNA) allows the user to increase input signal, and small size helps to integrate it into different devices.  
Radar "Traffic-1"
Radar Traffic-1 (Detector) is a radar transport vehicles detector and is designed for automated traffic monitoring.
Radar "Speed-1"
Doppler radar is radar speed meter and is designed to detect moving vehicles, their speed and directions.
Radar "Altimeter-1"
Radar Altimeter-1 (radioaltimeter) is radar height meter and is designed to assess the distance from ground surface to device.
Strapdown inertial navigation system
Small-size strapdown inertial navigation system based on microelectromechanical inertial sensors (angular-rate sensor and accelerometer), three-axis magnetometer, pressure sensor and DSP  1967ВН044.


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